Message from the President

Welcome to the National Odometer and Title Fraud Enforcement Association (NOTFEA), website.   Since 1980, NOTFEA has been providing valuable training and resources to our members in an effort to detect, deter and prosecute odometer, rebuilt/salvage, and other title fraud related crimes.  NOTFEA is proud to have active members in every state and in Canada.

NOTFEA is a non- profit organization whose main purpose is to protect consumers from costly odometer, title  and auto fraud related crimes.  NOTFEA meets on an annual basis to discuss trends, share ideas, receive training, and discuss odometer and title fraud issues on the state and federal level.  NOTFEA members  promote friendship and cooperation between all those interested in combating odometer and title fraud, and work together to coordinate and exchange techniques and training to detect and prosecute odometer and title fraud.  With comprehensive training, NOTFEA aids and assists those enforcement agencies who may not be familiar with  laws against odometer and title fraud.

If you have an interest in combating odometer, title or auto fraud, please consider attending our next conference.

Nick Humphrey


Past Presidents

2014-2018 Holly Merz - IA
2008-2014 Tony Bartolome - FL
2006-2008 Patrick Lightfoot - OH
2003-2006 Lyle Paulson - ND
1999-2003 Ron Wedekind - FL
1995-1999 William (Bill) Burton - MI
1992-1995 Charlie Bradley - TN
1990-1992 Anthony (Tony) Constantino – MD (NOEA)
1988-1990 Bruce Amazeen - CT (NOEA)
1986-1988 Jim Lancaster - VA (NOEA)
1984-1986 Wayne Halbleib - VA (NOEA)
1983 Charlie Bradley - TN, Conference Host (NOEA)
1980-1982 Jim Lancaster - VA, Conference Host (NOEA)