The National Odometer and Title Fraud Enforcement Association (NOTFEA) and The National Salvage Vehicle Reporting Program (NSVRP), established this annual award in 2013. Law Enforcement Officers, Investigators, or DMV Inspectors are recognized annually that use NMVTIS as a tool to further motor vehicle investigations for washing brands from titles. The investigations may also include title fraud, title branding avoidance, odometer fraud, insurance fraud, VIN alterations, and skipping assignment of ownership.

Please nominate an individual Officer, Investigator, or Unit that you believe completed, or continue to investigate, complex title fraud investigations, or auto theft investigations. Your nomination should include arrests made, number of vehicle recovered, monetary fraud loss, and/or fines assessed. If this is a continuing investigation, please include the number of possible suspects and targeted number of vehicles.

The nomination form must be received by June 01, 2015.

Holly Merz
Iowa Attorney General’s Office
1305 E. Walnut
2nd Floor Hoover State Office Building
Des Moines, IA 50319

Nomination form:
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NOTFEA/NSVRP Award Recipients

2016David Lewis, US Department of Justice – Recognition
2015Charlie Combs
2014Investigator Uku Mannikus, New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (NJMVC) Criminal Investigator

Keith Merkel, City of Reading Police - assigned to the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) Auto Theft Unit

Detective Ronald Linderman, Berks County Detective - assigned to the PSP Auto Theft Unit

Detective Heather Halstead, City of Lancaster Detective - assigned to the Lancaster County Auto Theft Unit

Detective Stephen Owens, City of Lancaster Detective - assigned to the Lancaster County Auto Theft Unit

2013Detective Mike Sindelar, San Juan County Sheriff’s Office, New Mexico