Clocking is still affecting 6.49% of UK vehicles today

A Rapid Car Check survey has found that 6.49% of vehicles have mileage issues.

In a pool of 1 million, 64,986 were found to have issues, despite members of the European Parliament voting in favour of new legislation to combat mileage clocking in cars in 2018.

The most common clocked vehicles were the Renault Grand Scenic and Renault Scenic, with a fail percentage of 32.66% and 32.14% respectively.

The most common year of vehicle registration was 1998 with a 16.47% fail rate. Vehicle registered in the 1990’s made up six of the top 10, with no vehicles registered after 2003 present.

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Sales of vehicles with rolled-back odometers lead to lengthy jail sentence

A North York man has been sentenced to 450 days in prison after being found guilty of odometer tampering.

Mehran Amini received the longest sentence ever handed out in Ontario for illegal vehicle sales, according to a statement from the Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council (OMVIC).

The statement said Amini was charged after OMVIC investigators discovered he'd purchased 30 vehicles from Western Canada, and shipped them to Ontario.

A North York man has been sentenced to 450 days in prison after being found guilty of odometer tampering and 'curbsiding.'

Amini then rolled back the odometers on the vehicles, which were mostly late-model pick-up trucks with high mileage, investigators said.

"They are vehicles that could be near end-of-life, but they were paying huge dollars -- $30 to $40,000 -- for these vehicles," OMVIC Director of Communications Terry O'Keefe told CTV Toronto's Pat Foran.

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Two accused of car scam

Two accused of car scam

Two accused of car scam

Two men are accused of running a car racket in which they sold second-hand vehicles with false odometer readings.

Police allege the men bought 20 vehicles with high kilometre readings on sales websites this year.

They then allegedly bought car parts, including odometers with lower readings, from wreckers and swapped them into the vehicles before selling them to unsuspecting buyers.

The men also allegedly changed log book records to match the modifications and removed service stickers from vehicles.

By wiping off thousands of kilometres, the vehicles appeared newer and worth more, police claim.

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(Calgary) Dozens of victims caught in odometer roll back scam


A Calgary man is facing charges in connection to a vehicle odometer roll back scam that defrauded more than 50 people.

The Economic Crimes Unit was notified in January by a credit card company that a number of skimmed cards were being used for fraudulent purchases in Calgary.

Police say the cards were being used to service vehicles and purchase vehicle parts and that the vehicles being serviced, were purchased at an auction house.

Investigators say that the vehicles had high kilometres but they had been rolled back between purchase from the auction house and attempting to sell them online.

“Investigation by the constables revealed that the offender was purchasing vehicles from the auction house at which time he would take those vehicles and have small repairs doe to them, maybe tune ups etc., change some parts out and take them to auto repair facilities where we believe that the odometers were rolled back. He would then list those vehicles on kijiji, Craig’s List, and the Auto Trader for sale and individuals would then come into negotiation with him to purchase those vehicles,” said S/Sgt. Kristie Verheul from the Economic Crimes Unit.

They say that in one case, approximately 208,000 kilometres were rolled back.

The suspect in the case purchased 54 vehicles over three years.

Andriy Plysiun, 28, of Calgary, faces one count of fraud over $5,000.

Police estimate the value of fraud is $300,000 and say that number is likely to increase as more victims are identified.

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Five men charged for allegedly winding back odometers in used cars

FIVE men accused of winding back the odometers in high-end second-hand cars which they planned to offer for sale have been ordered to appear in court in June.

Serious Crime Task Force officers arrested the men after raids on six Adelaide properties, where 23 cars — including four Mercedes, four BMWs, four Holdens, three Toyotas, a Range Rover and a Volvo — computer equipment, odometer manipulation equipment and cash were seized.

Five firearms and ammunition were also claimed by police in a joint investigation with Consumer and Business Services officers, which began in February.

A 22-year-old man, of Colonel Light Gardens, a Kingswood man, 63, a Prospect, man, 66, a Greenwith man, 66, and a Parafield Gardens man, 65, were arrested and charged with conspiracy to defraud and participating in a criminal organisation.

Police have laid 20 charges but said the inquiry was continuing. Further charges are expected.

The men were granted police bail to appear in the Adelaide Magistrates Court on June 27.

Police say the investigation uncovered odometer tampering offences by licensed and unlicensed used car dealers.

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Foreign Destinations For Stolen Canadian Cars

Big profits overseas for stolen luxury cars, SUVs, even family vehicles.Your car may be on a voyage to somewhere far, far away … Canada is a major auto-exporting country. Trouble is, some of the cars, trucks and SUVs headed abroad already have owners. While auto theft rates are falling, the lucrative export trade in stolen vehicles shows little sign of going down. By some estimates, 20,000 luxury cars, SUVs and even bread-and-butter family rides are ending up in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and Central America every year.Vehicles stolen on the Prairies tend to be boosted by joyriders, often looking for something to use to commit other crimes. But the metropolitan areas of Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal are rich hunting grounds for organized auto-theft rings that funnel stolen wheels overseas.Montreal is the principal exit port for stolen vehicles going overseas – more than 500 stolen vehicles were seized on the docks there last year – followed by Halifax and Vancouver. Some are also shipped by rail across the U.S. border, then onto ships in ports like Elizabeth, New Jersey, and Baltimore, Maryland, says Ben Jillett, a former RCMP officer who now works for the Insurance Bureau of Canada, helping recover some stolen vehicles from foreign countries.They arrive often in places you’ve never heard of before reaching their ultimate destinations. Flip through the gallery to find out what five top locations are.

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[CA] Insurance fraud mastermind sent to jail for 4 years

It's believed Manitoba Public Insurance was defrauded of more than $800,000.

A man considered the mastermind of the largest defrauding of Manitoba Public Insurance in history is going to jail.

Quincy Adurogboye, 33, ofWinnipeg, pleaded guilty and was convicted of eight counts of fraud in what police called Project Rollback in 2009.

Wednesday, a judge sentenced him to four years behind bars and ordered him to pay back $150,000 to MPI, only a portion of what he fraudulently received from the corporation.

About 40 people were arrested and charged for their involvement in an elaborate scheme to defraud the insurance company by rolling back the odometer readings of recently purchased vehicles, staging collisions inWinnipegand then reporting the vehicles as stolen.

It’s believed the scheme cost MPI more than $800,000.

“This crime is extraordinary,” said Justice Chris Martin.

Martin also sentenced Norm Beardy, 44, to an 18-month conditional sentence to be served in the community and 150 hours of community service. Beardy was ordered to pay back $8,000 to MPI, only 10 per cent of the amount he was involved in scamming.

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[UK] Trainee solicitor guilty of car clocking fraud

A trainee solicitor has been found guilty of being part of a car clocking ring which generated thousands of pounds.

Karmjit Sohal, aged 24, allowed thousands of pounds in cash to pass through her bank account to trade vehicles in the racket which also involved her brother Inderjit Singh Sohal and a cousin called Jatinder Sandher.

The operation was based at Enzo Motors, inGreat Bridge Street, WestBromwich, and Netherton Motors, inHalesowen Road, Netherton.

Vehicles were bought and sold days later with thousands of pounds added to the price and up to 144,000-miles removed from the odometer reading between December 2009 and February 2011, Wolverhampton Crown Court heard.

Sohal had claimed she was ‘too busy studying law’ to be involved but jurors unanimously found her guilty after spending just under an hour and a half deliberating at the end of a four day trial yesterday afternoon.

The jury of nine women and three men returned guilt verdicts on two charges of conspiracy to defraud.

Judge Mark Eades asked the jury to deliver a verdict of not guilty on a third charge of converting criminal property after prosecutors offered no evidence.

Inderjit Singh Sohal and Jatinder Sandher along with two others, Sundeep and Pardeep Shinh – have already admitted their involvement in the racket.

The court previously heard police officers seized £10,000 in cash in a raid on Karmjit Sohal’s family home in Willenhall from inside a safe in the garage which also contained paperwork.

However during interview with trading standards officials she claimed she withdrew the cash over fears it could be stolen from her account if she lost her debit card .

TheKeeleUniversitygraduate had also denied knowledge of some transactions on her debit card, including a sum of £2,071 paid at an auction in Wednesbury for a W-reg Mercedes C220.

She claimed she had left her debit card ‘lying around’ her home as she was a ‘trusting person’ and did not realise it had been used in deals.

Forged MoTs and bogus service books were produced to match the false mileage, revealed prosecutor Mr Mark Jackson

The judge ordered a pre-sentence report to be compiled on Karmjit Sohal, of Sherlock Close, Willenhall.

She will reappear at Wolverhampton Crown Court with her four co-conspirators for sentence on October 28.

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[CA] Fraudsters using Internet to bait high-end car buyers

Online fraudsters are going upscale and targeting unsuspecting buyers of newer-model and luxury cars, the Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council warned Friday.

“This represents a change in strategy by curbsiders and fraudsters,” said Terry O’Keefe, spokesman for OMVIC.  “Curbsiders, unlicensed dealers who usually pose as private sellers, used to target buyers of inexpensive economy vehicles. Now,  we’re seeing a shift towards newer and high-end vehicles such as Mercedes, BMW, Lexus, and even newer-model pick-ups, which command higher prices and higher profit margins. Unfortunately, just as curbsiders commonly misrepresent themselves, they also misrepresent the vehicles they sell, which are often insurance write-offs, accident-damaged or odometer-tampered.”

O’Keefe also said he knows of sixOntarioresidents who lost a total of about $250,000 to phoney websites claiming to selling luxury cars such as Ferraris and Corvettes.

Car buyers have to be doubly vigilant: lurking in online classifieds are not only curbsiders, but out-right fraud artists operating fictitious dealerships supposedly based in the U.S, said O’Keefe.  These two trends are converging when it comes to car-buying rip-offs, he said.

Residents of border cities, such asWindsor, need to be extra careful as they are accustomed to shopping across the border, said O’Keefe.

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Odometer fraud worries FRCA

Most secondhand imported vehicles odometers have been tampered with when compared against its irrespective declared cancellation certificate mileage.

This was revealed after a thorough investigation conducted by the Fiji Revenue and Customs Authority (FRCA) in Nadi, Lautoka and Suva

“We are clear that the odometers have been tampered with and consumers need to keep a look out,” said FRCA chief executive Jitoko Tikolevu.

“The odometer readings have been reduced significantly to encourage consumers to buy the vehicles and we found that there is a big gap from the country of origin of the vehicle compared to the readings being showed here,” he said.

He said odometer fraud is a serious threat to car buyers because they may be burdened with having to pay extra cash for the vehicle, additional insurance costs, additional maintenance costs and the vehicle safety.

“When buying vehicles consumers need to ensure they demand for a cancellation certificate from dealers to verify the readings on the odometer.”

He also confirmed that FIRCA is working closely with the Land Transport Authority in providing superior services to the public.

By Mereani Gonedua

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