Two accused of car scam

Two accused of car scam

Two accused of car scam

Two men are accused of running a car racket in which they sold second-hand vehicles with false odometer readings.

Police allege the men bought 20 vehicles with high kilometre readings on sales websites this year.

They then allegedly bought car parts, including odometers with lower readings, from wreckers and swapped them into the vehicles before selling them to unsuspecting buyers.

The men also allegedly changed log book records to match the modifications and removed service stickers from vehicles.

By wiping off thousands of kilometres, the vehicles appeared newer and worth more, police claim.

Regional investigations unit officers swooped on the pair after spotting two sales advertisements for what they alleged was the same vehicle with different odometer readings.

Officers raided a Victoria Park property and allegedly seized documentation, vehicle service stamps and log books connected to the fraudulent modifications and sales.

The men, who are in Australia on student visas, allegedly made almost $40,000 profit from the scam this year.

One man who allegedly bought a Holden sedan from the pair said the odometer showed it had done 80,000km but he was told by police it had actually travelled 180,000km.

He claimed a check by a mechanic had not picked up the illegal modification.

“It’s a safety issue as well as an expense - because the car has been driven more than I thought, it will probably have more problems and because it had been tampered with, it isn’t even worth what it would have been with the correct odometer reading,” he claimed.

Police have charged a 28-year-old man with 19 counts of gains benefit by fraud and one count of attempted gains benefit by fraud. A 27-year-old man has been charged with 19 counts of gains benefit by fraud and two counts of attempted gains benefit by fraud.

They are both expected to face Perth Magistrates Court on September 15.

The police investigation is ongoing into vehicles sold last year 2014.

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