Mishawaka car dealer charged with odometer fraud

A Mishawaka car dealer is arrested and accused of rolling back the odometers.

Adame Scott, 28, was arrested on Wednesday and charged Thursday with two counts of odometer fraud. His mechanic told police he was ordered to roll back the odometers.

A day after the search warrant was executed Scott's Auto Sales was closed. Police seized several odometers, five cars and paperwork with customer names to hopefully contact other victims.

It’s been in business for about a year. Police started getting several complaints about the business.

Lieutant Regis Thimons from the St. Joseph County Police says, “The biggest concern we have as police officers is the danger that it puts the public in, when they are driving a vehicle that has only been road worthy for 80 thousand miles when it is actually been on the road 252 thousand, that's a big discrepancy.”

One woman says she bought a Chevy Impala in April. She says she paid 45-hundred dollars for the Impala that had 80 thousand miles. After doing some digging she found out it was actually scrapped for 400 hundred dollars with 250 some thousand miles.

Police don't know how many cars were sold with the incorrect odometer readings so they are asking people to call them. You can call St. Joseph County Police at (574) 217 – 5150.

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