Two arrested for odometer tampering scam

The DMV announced the arrests of two men in Fresno in connection with dozens of cases of odometer tamping.
24-year-old Murad Alrawashdeh and 20-year-old Rami Alrawashdeh and another suspect altered the vehicle certificates, rolled odometers back on the cars and then sold them on the Craigslist website.
The DMV was alerted when someone registered a car with much less mileage than had been shown on previous registrations, leading to a 10-month investigation.
During the investigation, it was discovered that the men had listed over 180 cars in a 15-month period on Craigslist.

A search warrant was served on June 13th that turned up odometer clusters, cash, computers and ledgers that detailed each vehicle sold.

Investigators say the ledgers show 212 vehicles with altered odometers were sold, making a profit of approximately $296,000 in a 2 1/2 year period.

A warrant is still outstanding on a third suspect, 30-year-old Atef Alrawashdeh.

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