Probe of dealer who sold cars with rolled-back odometers brings more complaints from customers

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Excel Auto Group LLC is still under investigation by the state while a lawsuit against it works its way through a Greene County circuit court.

Documents from the Missouri Secretary of State's office show Ashley Bolton, the owner of Excel Auto Group, has also operated under B&B Motors.

Scores of people continue to call and e-mail saying they too have found out their odometers have been tampered with. You can go to or and run your own check to see if you have been a victim. If you have, you can file a report with the Attorney General's Office at 1-800-392-8222. If you want to speak with someone in Springfield, you can call the Missouri Department of Revenue at (417) 895-6429.

The Attorney General's Office is busy with the civil investigation into Bolton. No one has said if there's a criminal investigation of Bolton or Excel Auto Group.

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